Dahon authorised dealers – Why buy from them

We all know about the quality of Dahon folding bicycles, and the peace of mind that comes with the 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on the folding frame. What about our authorised Dahon dealers, the channel people who display and sell the bikes to you, and are there for you should you need assistance after you have made your purchase – what do you look out for when you visit them?


On-site sales and demonstration

Our dealers are trained to guide you through the range of Dahon products they carry in their shops, to help you shortlist and decide which Dahon model is best suited for your need. And more importantly, after you have selected your Dahon bicycle, they do the necessary final tune-up on your bike before they hand over to you, to ensure the bicycle is ready to ride, and our dealers also teach you how to fold and unfold your Dahon bicycle.


Counterfeits, near fakes and rip-offs

And perhaps something not-so-pleasant to know, but the fact is due to its brand success, there exist counterfeits, near fakes and rip-offs of Dahon bicycles. (http://www.bike-eu.com/sales-trends/nieuws/2014/5/wall-street-journal-features-dahon-in-counterfeit-report-1019222). Only by buying from an authorised Dahon dealer can you have the full assurance that your Dahon bicycle is authentic and fully-warrantied. And when you buy a Dahon, make sure its 100% Dahon, not DLT or just a logo that says “Dahon”. You want to be sure you are getting a true Dahon.


After-sales service and warranty support

The most important part about buying from an authorised Dahon dealer is perhaps after your purchase – the after-sales service and warranty support that you get from your dealer. Our Dahon dealers are required to have a full and proper shopfront, complete with a mechanic to do the tuning. This ensures an authorised Dahon dealer has the ability to provide you the quality after-sales service, and importantly, be there to serve you when you need them. The latter is important because the first stop for any warranty support is your Dahon dealer and original receipt is required for verification (http://dahon.com/support/faqs/). For us it also means the dealer will be around as a shop to serve you too.


Find our authorised Dahon dealers in Singapore here: http://www.skye-ventures.com/main/dealers-location/dahon-dealers/

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