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The DAHON Story

No Future without a Path: Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation

When Dr. David Hon, one of the leading experts in laser technology, decided to leave the space trade behind him and focus on green transportation for everyone, his own star was born – DAHON. Working together with his brother Henry, the two developed the first modern folding bicycle and proceeded to unfold the bicycle’s potential. 220+ patents and 30 years of quiet evolution and ingenious technologies later, DAHON has shaped the way folding bikes are made and the way we get from one place to another. Focused firmly on a green future, DAHON remains unyielding in redefining green mobility.extra_30years_02

Most Dahon bicycles use a patented, single-hinge frame design where the handlebar folds down and the frame hinge swings to the left, leaving the 1024px-Dahon_Jifo_16_Folding_Bikehandlebar inside, whereas models such as the Jifo and EEZZ take advantage of new, vertical folding technology. Biggest sellers are those with 16 or 20 inch wheels, but models are available with wheels from 12 inches to 700C. In terms of gearing, bikes can feature derailleurs or hub gears, or both or none (single gear). For 2013, Dahon offers 30 models of folding or portable bicycles in wheel sizes ranging from 16-26” with aluminum alloy or steel frames. One of the company’s best selling bikes is the Boardwalk, an entry-level, steel-frame commuter bike.

Special bikes
In 2008, to celebrate 25 years of production Dahon produced a special edition based on the Mµ series of bikes – the Mµ XXV. Only 250 of these machines were produced.


1980s (first generation) Dahon Classic III with Sturmey-Archer 3 speed hub gear
In March 2009 they announced that they would produce 1,000 sets of a special edition bike based on its Curve D3 folding bike with the Spanish design firm Kukuxumusu.

2012 marked the company’s 30th anniversary and Dahon produced 300 limited edition bikes to honor the occasion. The bicycles are muxxvbased on the popular Mµ frame and featured high-end carbon parts.

DAHON was founded on a vision of “green” mobility, a form of transportation that not only serves to keep people healthier, but also preserves the environment for the next generation.

We believe that a truly green product is one that is not disposable but is well made, and designed to bring its owner many years of enjoyable use. DAHON holds a premium place in the market by continuously striving to provide the best folding bicycles money can buy, and always staying a step ahead in terms of technology. We feel that foldable bicycles can, and should, deliver ride performance as good as or better than a traditional bike.

Dr. Hon is by nature a relentless innovator. Before the newest product even lands in the shops he’s already pursuing ways to make the next generation of DAHON folding bikes even better. This is the company culture. By making bicycles that are easier and more convenient to use, we can help increase the number of people able to fit cycling into their lives. That’s why you’ll find there’s a DAHON folding bike that’s right for virtually every individual, and for every situation.

Ready to ride everyone?


Today, DAHON designs and manufactures bicycles across 2 main product lines: International (USA and global market) and Japanese (a niche product line for Japan consumers).

Skye Ventures is proud to be the official distributor for DAHON in Singapore, and we bring in both the International and Japanese models for retailing through our authorised Dahon Singapore dealers. We also have a retail showroom (shop-in-shop) at BRU SINGAPORE where we display the full range of Dahon International and Japanese models.