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Loopwheels are designed, engineered and made in Nottinghamshire by Jelly Products Ltd. It’s a registered design with patents pending.    Sam Pearce with his loopwheels on a Dahon folding bike

The story of loopwheels is one of determination, and a streak of madness. They were invented and developed by Sam Pearce, in his home in Nottinghamshire, England. By training and profession, Sam is a mechanical engineer and industrial designer. By nature, he is some one who loves making things: designing, building, doing. He loves simplicity, and products that work well.  Sam is practical and hands-on. He is stubborn and doesn’t give up easily. All useful traits when you find you’ve set out on a journey to reinvent the wheel . . .

A Loopwheel is a wheel with integral suspension, designed for better shock-absorbing performance and greater comfort.

Loopwheels give you a smoother ride. They are more comfortable than standard wheels: the carbon springs absorb tiring vibration, as well as bumps and shocks. They’re extremely strong and durable.

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