The Rido Lt

Pro-Elite road saddle with special performance and comfort advantages

For the Rido Lt, the same principle on the RIDO R2 has been stylishly fashioned into a firm, slim, elegant performance road saddle of almost half the weight of its more leisurely counterpart, the wider and softer R2. It’s not a replacement for the R2. It’s designed for a different type of cycling and for a different type of cyclist, namely aero-position, performance road racing, time trialing and track cycling.


  • Medial lift and thereby pressure relief on the perineal area;
  • Variations in the rider-saddle impact zone for overall comfort;
  • Enhanced on-the-saddle-location and power delivery to the pedals.

Relative to the R2, the RLt is very firm, but this significantly reduces loss of energy when cycling and maintains the shape under the most strenuous RLt_posterconditions. The curvature of the saddle is designed not only to always give you the necessary lift and variation in rider-saddle contact spots but also provides superb location enabling more power delivery to the pedals: a boon to any serious cyclist, especially up those inclines. Without realising you will subconsciously soon get used to riding on the RLt and then suddenly discover the unusual lack of recovery period from soreness (and numbness) after your rides…… and that you covered more distance with the same effort input.

The ‘RLt’ saddle is designed for time triallers, road racers, competition riders and triathletes… essentially those who are looking for more performance whilst at the same time wanting reduced perineal pressure.


If you are a serious aero-position road rider, time trialler, competition rider or triathlete who is beginning to tire of residual perineal numbness and saddle soreness recovery periods after arduous rides. The RLt is your remedy.


Likewise, you don’t like the way you tend to slip back and forth on your existing saddle when applying more force to the pedals, such as when going up inclines. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how the RLt negates this problem.


Are you already a convert to the R2 but now want a firmer, lighter weight, slimmer, performance orientated saddle whilst still enjoying reduced perineal discomfort?

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