The Rido R2

In essence, the RIDO ‘R2’ saddle is the answer for cyclists who suffer varying degrees of perineal or crotch pain, who can’t get comfortable on their existing saddle, who can’t finish those centuries because their back hurts, and who simply cannot find a saddle that fulfils their comfort needs.

It’s a saddle that’s designed to solve a specific problem and in so doing remedy many consequential cycling issues relating to performance, enjoyment and health.RIDO_R2_main1


imagesCAC26BRNPerhaps you’re worried about rising PSA levels or you’ve just recovered from prostate problems and your physician has advised you against protractedimagesCAA4BG9Y time spent on a bicycle. Don’t worry: RIDO will get you safely riding again as, unlike other saddles, there’s virtually no pressure on those delicate areas at all. (See what the doctors say: CLICK HERE).

And for those of you with back and coccyx discomfort whilst cycling, our saddles have been shown to help tremendously by reducing strain or pressure on the base of the spine, subtly inducing the increased use of your core muscles.


Are you a recreational, commuter or pack-tour cyclist who’s endurance is constantly being hampered by a lack of saddle comfort? Are you constantly conscious of your saddle as you ride, always trying to get comfortable? RIDO converts say that the longer you ride , the less you you’re aware you’re even on a saddle. This even extends to when you dismount at the end your ride….. none of the usual after effects at all.


Perineal discomfort actually restricts your use of your core and hip flexor muscles. You’re so distracted, whether it be consciously and unconsciously, that you just can’t relax and open up those hips, applying full power to the pedals. Any cyclist would all benefit from the RIDO R2 saddle’s unique attributes.  (See what the experts say: CLICK HERE)